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Fujitsu DL3850+

Fujitsu DL3850+

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Reliable multi-part printing

The reliable FUJITSU Dot Matrix Printer DL3850+ comes in a compact design. It features automatic paper parking and loading, auto tear off, the capability for bar code printing, and is well suited for professional and multi-part printing. With a high printing speed and the ability to print documents in sizes up to A3, the DL3850+ is suitable for every office environment.

„„Compact design and small footprint Interfaces
„„Parallel, Serial and USB connectivity possible

Print data
„„High print speed 537 cps
„„Printing width: 136 columns (10 cpi), 163 columns (12 cpi)

„„Network connectivity through optional LAN card

Technical specifications

Print head 24 wire dot matrix printer

Printing width 136 columns (10 cpi), 163 columns (12 cpi)

Printing speed correspondence / report quality 270 cps (12 cpi), 225 cps (10 cpi)

Printing speed draft quality 432 cps (12 cpi) / 360 cps (10 cpi)

Printing speed High-speed draft quality 537 cps (12 cpi), 448 cps (10 cpi)

Printing speed letter quality 135 cps (12 cpi), 113 cps (10 cpi)

Resolution Max. 360 x 360 dpi

Number of copies Max. 5 (including original)

Paper sizes Continuous form:
Width: 102 to 420 mm (4.0 to 16.5”),
Length: over 102 mm (over 4.0”)

Cut Sheet:
Width: 102 to 420 mm (4.0 to 16.5”),
Length: 76 to 420 mm (3.0 to 16.5”)

Paper feeding continuous form Paper feeding continuous form Push tractor, rear in and rear out

Paper feeding cut sheet Manual friction feed, top in and top out

Line feed speed 60 ms per 1/6” line

Form feed speed 5.6 ips

Printer interfaces Parallel + USB: IEEE 1284 and USB 1.1 Type B (depending on model)

Emulation Emulations Fujitsu DPL24C PLUS, IBM Proprinter XL24E, Epson ESC/P2

Character sets
Code pages 437, 850, 851, 852, 855, 860, 862, 863, 865, 866, ISO 8859-1, ECMA 94, USA, UK, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, Danish 1 and 2, Hungarian 1 and 2, Slovenian 1 and 2, Mazowia 1 and 2, Polish 1 and 2, Latin 2 1 and 2, Latin P, PG-DHN, Elot 927, Lithuanian 1 and 2, Mik, Macedonian, PG-MAC, ABY, ABG, DEC GR, GREEK 11, HBR-OLD, HBR-DEC, ISO Turkish, ISO Latin, Kamenicky 1 and 2, Turkish 1 and 2, Elot 928, Cyrillic, RUSCII, Latin-9

Code 3 of 9
UPC Type A
UPC Type A with check character
Codabar (NW7)
Interleaved 2 of 5
Matrix 2 of 5
Industrial 2 of 5
Code 128

Resident / Bitmap fonts
Courier 10, Prestige Elite 12, Boldface PS, Compressed, Draft 12, High-speed Draft 112, OCR-B, OCR-A 10, Correspondence 10, PICA10

Scalable fonts
Courier, Nimbus Sans®, Timeless (Normal, Bold, Italic)

Input buffer
Maximum 128 KB

Word processing functions
Outline, Image overlay, Overscore, Underscore, Superscript, Subscript, Bold overprint, Shadow, Justify, Italic, Multiple height (up to 11 fold), Multiple width (up to 11 fold)

Electrical values
Power consumption up to 70 W (average), Power consumption maximum up to 180 W
Power consumption minimum up to 28 W, Rated voltage range Single Phase: 220-240 V AC ±10%
Rated frequency range 50 Hz - 60 Hz

Compliance notes Safety and EMI standard for Europe
Compliance link
MTBF (demonstrated) 20,000 h
Printer head life up to 400 million strokes (each wire)

Ink ribbon life
5.0 million characters

Dimensions / Weight / Environmental
Dimensions (W x D x H) 570 x 330 x 130
Weight 9.7 kg

Acoustic noise level 49 dBA

Printer options
LAN Board DL3x50+ / DL7400, Order code: S26391-F1051-L900
Printer Ribbon Premium DL3x50+ / DL7400, Order code: CA02374-C104 (Please check packing item)
Printer Ribbon Replacement DL3x50+ / DL7400, Order code: CA02374-C204 (Please check packing item)
Printer Ribbon Standard DL3x50+ / DL7400, Order code: KA02004-C801 (Please check packing item)
Print Head DL3x50+, Order code: S26391-F1051-L907

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