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Olivetti PR2 Plus

Olivetti PR2 Plus

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Olivetti PR2 PLUS has been designed in different models from the entry-level version to the dual-side scanner model (MB-2model) in order to satisfy multifunctional front-office applications. It is capable to print on all Bank forms from single-sheet and multiple-copy documents to passbooks. The Olivetti passbook printers PR2 PLUS offer complete solutions in bank teller.


  • extremely easy to use
  • up to 560 character/sec in VHSD
  • magnetic-stripe reading and writing, micr codeline reading (CMC7 / E13B)
  • dual-side colour for simultaneous front/back scanning (MB-2 model)
  • new ink ribbon of up to 10 million characters

PR2 plus is the specialized printer for multifunctional front-office applications capable to print on single-sheet and multiple-copy documents and on passbooks.

All models feature an innovative CPU and the new 2295 Hz printhead for outstanding productivity on texts and graphics alike. The printer produces 291 pages per hour on the ECMA Test, more than any other model in its product class.

PR2 PLUS handles a full range of bank teller forms, recognizes passbook magnetic stripes, reads CMC7 and E13B codes and provides (as MB-2 model) simultaneous dual-side scanning for documents with widths of up to 210 mm. Equipped with a full character-generator set, PR2 plus is an efficient device to meet local compliance requirements around the world.

Attention to printing quality is combined with superior productivity: PR2 plus uses a new-generation ink ribbon able to print up to 10 million characters. The 24-pin printhead (0.25 mm diameter) is designed to service the entire machine life (at least 5 years) and manage a daily workload of more than 300 transactions at competitive speeds.

The standard model provides RS 232, IEEE 1284 parallel and USB 2.0 interfaces. Options include: second USB port, second serial port and Ethernet interface.

Stylish and ergonomic, with an optimized design, PR2 plus keeps dimensions to a minimum, ranking as one of the smallest specialized printers for this

market segment.

Inside the PR2 Family, it’s also available the MB-2, which adds to normal printing operations also the scanning features: the MB-2 allows dual-side scanner for simultaneous front/back scanning on A4 formats up to 600 dpi. Scanning and digitize document at source today is essential to optimize productivity and to improve customer care. For more information, see the MB-2 datasheet, available on

PR2 plus provides in a single device all the Hardware needed to complete different operations related to a single transaction.

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